From the Website

Many of the artworks displayed here are available for sale. If you are interested in a particular piece, simply reach out to me via the 'contact' page with your request. Works can be purchased and picked up in person from the Seattle studio. They can also be purchased online and shipped to you at cost. If the item you are interested has already been sold, a similar artwork can usually be created for you by commission. Studio visits can be arranged upon request, so you can "meet the artist" and see the work up close.

Special Commissions

If you want to commission an original work of art, contact me to begin the discussion and find out what is possible. Many clients have requested portraits of loved ones, both from live sittings and sometimes from photographs. These can be rendered in a range of sizes and media, from miniature drawings in ink to large oil paintings.

Religious Commissions

As a Roman Catholic, I am deeply invested in making works of art for the edification of the Church. I prioritize any requests for religious and devotional art for the faithful. I have made religious artworks for personal and community devotion and am looking forward to more opportunities to serve in this way.

To learn more about some of my religious artwork, see the article 'The Art of Faith' published in Northwest Catholic Magazine, and view the short video here.


General Guidelines for Pricing

Prices for artworks vary according to size, materials, labor, framing, the venue from which they are purchased, what other clients have paid for similar works, and other factors.

Below you will find some general guidelines to consider when inquiring about original artwork. Please note that this is only a loose guide. The negotiated price of a work of art can differ from what is suggested here. Size ranges are shown in inches and suggested price ranges in US dollars. All inquiries are welcome.

Works On Paper

Small / miniature works on paper, 2x3 - 9x12  :  $35 - $300

Mid-sized works on paper, 9x12 - 36x48  :  $300 - $500

Large works on paper, 36x48 or larger  :  $500 +

Oil Paintings

Small / miniature oil paintings, 2x3 - 11x14  :  $75 - $800

Mid-sized oil paintings, 11x14 - 36x48  :  $800 - $3,000

Large oil paintings, 36x48 or larger  :  $3,000 +

Clients may remit payment in installments, especially for larger works. Half up-front (upon signing of the work agreement) and half upon completion of the work, has been my usual practice.


Yes, You Can Collect Original Art

Buying art is not something only for 'elite' persons or groups. Everyone should be able to come away from my studio with something they will love. If financing a work of art is an issue for you at this time, it is possible to pay for your piece in small, manageable installments. It is my personal commitment to make my artwork available for everyone who desires it, regardless of their situation. If there is something you want, ask about it.

I look forward to hearing from you.