wednesday, november 19, 2014
The Madonna of Humility

I'm pleased to annouce that The Madonna of Humilty is finished and will be featured as the cover story of Northwest Catholic Magazine, a publication of the Archdiocese of Seattle, in December of 2014. The painting has been installed in the home of the purchaser, Mr. Aaron Stockton, a parishoner at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Seattle. There will be a private reception to celebrate the installation of the piece, where the painting will recieve a priestly blessing from Fr. Jordan Bradshaw from the Dominican community of Blessed Sacrament. 

This is not quite the first religious painting I've ever done, it's certainly not the first image of Mary I've ever used in my work, which is largely personal and exploratory in nature. It is, however, the first religious art commission, where the express intent of the piece is that it provide an opportunty for religious contemplation and devotion. It is larger in scale than any other religious subject I've ever handled. It has already received a good deal of attention from the community, due to the story in the NW Catholic, a publication with a wide distibution in the Catholic network of Washington State, and a radio interview about the project which is set to air several times on Northwest Catholic Radio. All these factors together make it a piece of historical significance to me, not only personally, but in the progress of my work.

I will continue to make artworks that deal with the mysterious aspects of the human story, many of which are not overtly religious in theme, yet I am happy to signify with the publication of 'The Madonna of Humilty,' that I am ready to fulfill my artistic vocation within the service of the Church. I welcome religious comissions and am eager to explore what is for me a deeply important, challenging and intriguing aspect of artistic practice. I hope and pray that whatever gifts I can contribute will serve to edify and enrich the lives of the faithful, and also build bridges of goodwill between the Church and the larger world, and help to convey some glimpses of the gifts and spiritual riches which are the heritage of the Church to those who would behold them with curiosity and perhaps, hope.


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