tuesday, october 05, 2010
New Classes Starting Up Oct 14th and 15th

Thanks to all who participated in the first Intensive Drawing for Beginners class. Everyone made wondeful progress and I was frankly overwhelmed by the positive feedback I received from students emailing me between classes. Here's one such message that I received from a student just aftert the first lesson:


"Michael, your Thursday class was fabulous. Your teaching is excellent and the group is wondeful. I learned so much from just this last class I was up until midnight drawing afterward!"

-Lon Marie Walton


Thanks so much Lon Marie. I absolutely love sharing what I've learned in my own practice with others. I hope to continue to bring you the best possible instructuion and support through future fine art classes and lessons.

I would encourage anyone to contact me with questions or comments about these classes, and remember, the next Intensive Drawing for Beginners class starts Thursday, October 14th, and Classical Figure Drawing starts Friday, October 15th at Artist and Craftsman in Seattle. Please give me a call (206) 383-9655 or contact me through the website to get more information or to register. Looking forward to another great cycle of classes!



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